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My name's Chiara and I'm 18 years old. I live in Rhode Island.I'm currently a student at Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy. I spend most of my time reading, sleeping, blogging, painting, smoking immense amounts of marijuana and receiving lovins from my boyfriend.

Joe is so sure that I’m not as sick as I’m making it seem
But, I don’t want coffee, I have no makeup on, and I don’t even want to think about having a cigarette.
I feel like shitttttttt.


Fact: Pansexuals are notoriously bad at baseball, due to the fact that they swing every way and are on all of the teams.


I hope the porn blogs following me are learning a lot about social justice

It’s been a wonderful weekend and I got asked to model another show in October and I’m so excited about life. 😍😍😍
Just got done with my first modeling experience ever. 😍 
Already changed. 
Still look fabulous! 
I had the best experience working with Evo and the Evo Fabuloso color. 
My hair looks and feels fantastic


do you wanna have sex?

a) please

b) now

c) a + b



Hey I don’t have the nicest body but that’s okay because I make up for it by making you laugh and taking good selfies you can show off to your friends

captainbroseph94 😘





if your mental health is ruining your education and you know it clap your hands


if your education is ruining your mental health and you know it clap your hands


If your education’s sketchy, and your life is kind of shitty
If the current state of things is a little fucked up, clap your hands.

*clap clap*


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